IonLoop Sports Bracelets to Be Distributed to PGA Championship Competitors

The world’s best professionals arrive at Oak Hill to compete in the final Major of the year and many are looking for this year’s special edition PGA IonLoop Sports bracelet.

IonLoop sports bracelets to be given to PGA Championship competitors and their caddies next week at the historic Oak Hill Country Club in Rochester New York. This special edition of the innovating negative ion + magnet bracelet will feature the 2013 PGA Championship logo.

“The players and caddies all look forward to receiving these special bracelets each year,” said Bob Gotfredson, IonLoop Co-Founder. “We always hold back a few dozen to present to the eventual winner so they can pass them on to friends and family as special momentums’ of the Championship victory,” said Gotfredson.

Event spectators will not miss out on the benefits of the negative ion + magnet sport bracelets… the Ionloop bracelets will be available for purchase, exclusively in the PGA Championship Merchandise Pavilion during the event. The IonLoop PGA Championship bracelet will be available in a variety of colors including the company’s most popular Braided Black style bracelet. Ionloop has also supplied the PGA of American with iPhone and iPad covers with the official commemorative event logo which will be offered for sale as well in the giant Merchandise Pavilion.

In today’s era of ever-expanding technology, UV rays, cell phones, BlackBerrys, smart phones, and in fact all electronic devices that we are surrounded with each day give off high levels of positive ions. IonLoop bracelets help your body fight back with one of the highest levels of negative ion content in the industry—which is why many of the top professional golfers in the world choose to wear IonLoop sport bracelets.

About IonLoop

IonLoop negative ion bracelets, wristbands and necklaces are a great first-step in counteracting the harmful effects of positive ions. The negative ion properties are manufactured into the silicone bands themselves and will not lose their effectiveness over time. Most of the bracelets and necklaces also contain two small but powerful magnets that are carefully assembled so that they alternate the polarity of each magnet; we believe this manufacturing process may be adding another dimension to the potential stimulus that the magnets may have on the chemistry of the human body. Ionloop is proud to have golf industry leader Ahead as their exclusive distribution partner for the golf industry. Please go to to learn about this great company.

Keep your eyes out for IonLoop bracelets during PGA Tour events and stay in the Loop!

For additional information on IonLoop technology and to view all of the other IonLoop bracelets, visit

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A Bay Area Start-Up Launches its Evolutionary All-in-One iPhone App for Golfers launches an easy-to-use, all-in-one iPhone app that helps golfers strategize and improve their game.

In 2012, Keepscores rolled out its website,, where golfers of all levels can converge and communicate with each other. The website made the lives of club administrators and tournament organizers much easier and simpler with its messaging system, live scoring, real-time leaderboard, easy-to-setup payment system, and support for multiple tie-breakers, rounds, flights and tournament formats (Net, Gross, Stableford, Callaway, Peoria), including auto-calculation of the skins and wagers that saved the tour organizers a lot of time. Because of these features, the website grew a strong following among established tours and golf clubs across the U.S.

However, as smartphones continue to outgrow “dumbphones,” the demand for a better app in golf also grew. Keepscores Golf fills the need for a more comprehensive golf app and to make the features of available on a mobile phone. Unlike most golf apps, which allow scoring of up to only four players, the Keepscores Golf app can score hundreds of players in a single game. The true definition of real-time leaderboard can now be enjoyed not just by the pros but by everybody – players can see the scores of everyone in the tournament and they can find out exactly where they stand on the leaderboard at any particular moment during the game. Deciding between a 7-iron and a 3-wood has never been easier.

In addition, an interactive GPS has also been included to the app. With this feature, golfers can plan their strategy, put their game plan into action, and watch and review not only their shots but their golf buddies’ shots as well. Parents who cannot be at their kids’ golf games can now follow their kids’ scores and shots during their rounds through the app, as if they are walking with them on the course. Coaches and instructors can see their students’ shots in real-time, or they can relive and review them later. With the coming British Open at Muirfield in July, golfers can even set up a virtual game with their favorite pros at The Open, and get the feeling that they are playing with them.

“We wanted to incorporate technology in a way that is natural to a golfer. At the same time, we wanted to create a platform for golfers that promote networking and seamless connectivity because golf is primarily a social sport. I believe we have achieved both, especially with the launch of our iPhone app,” says Orlando Gonzales, CEO and Founder of Keepscores, Inc. “We are continually improving our iPhone app, mobile web and website and we are very motivated to make Keepscores the one-stop-shop for all golfers because of our deep love for the game, so expect more features and improvements that will benefit everyone in the golf world soon.”

The Keepscores Golf app is available as a free version at or as a Pro version for only .99 at The Android version of Keepscores Golf is currently in development, and will be available next year. In the meantime, all smartphones with a web browser can access the mobile web version of — it has all the features of the iPhone app, except for the GPS.

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Author Lorenzo Baccalà Shares Tips From a Modern-Day Casanova in New Book

Man who made love to over 300 women rewrites the book on sexuality.

Move over, Casanova. You’ve been outdone.

In The Man Who Made Love to More Women than Casanova, author Lorenzo Baccalà interviews this prolific lover, who has chosen to protect his identity with the pseudonym “G”. Feeling that not enough people know about the art, science and medical aspects of keeping a woman satisfied, Baccalà shares his interview with G, explaining his lifetime of experience so readers can enhance their own knowledge without needing to make love to 300 women themselves.

Baccalà, a physician and social philosopher, ponders the impact of sex, both on individuals and on life in general.

“The sexual revolution permeates every sector of American life, but unlike learning the rules of golf or chess, there is precious little written on the mental and physical details of sex,” says Baccalà. “My book sheds light on these issues through the experience of G.”

Often humorous and always informative, the book serves as a practical sexual manual. From unbelievable antics across countries and cultures to broad discoveries, Baccalà, through G’s extensive experience, guides readers to a greater level of sexual literacy, from individual situations to general techniques.

“Simply put, sex is like fire: it can warm up your home or burn it down,” says Baccalà.

The Man Who Made Love to More Women than Casanova: And the Apocalyptic Aphrodisiac

By Lorenzo Baccalà

ISBN: 978-1-4817-4385-3

Paperback: .08

Kindle: .99

Available at and

About the Author

Lorenzo Baccalà is not only a physician, but also a social philosopher who ponders the impact of sex on both individuals and the world at large. He has met with numerous situations and has observed the medical and social repercussions of the sexual revolution across several generations.

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theFamilyTravelFiles Unveils a New Folder – Dino Trips Featuring the Best Places to Vacation with Dinosaurs

theFamilyTravelFiles has unveiled a new family vacation folder dubbed Dino Trips loaded with details about the best places in the U.S. and Canada to see old bones, dig for fossils, and learn more about pre historic times when dinosaurs, wooly mammoths, and saber tooth tigers populated the planet.

For more fun on your family vacation just add a dinosaur or maybe two and wait for the squeals, shouts, smiles and non-stop questions to begin. The new vacation lifestyle folder Dino Trips highlights the best places to see old bones, dig for fossils, and learn more about pre historic times when dinosaurs, wooly mammoths, and saber tooth tigers populated the planet. The new folder describes the best places to view a Brontosaurs, Stegosaurus or T. rex and where to find the nearest Dinosaurs Alive! experience.

Dino Trips combine fun and learning with family vacation time. Seeing the biggest of dinosaurs and using big words to match is child’s play and meant to be shared.

According to Fred Rogers of the popular TV show “Mr. Rogers Neighborhood,” “Play is often talked about as if it were a relief from serious learning. But for children play is serious learning. Play is really the work of childhood.”

At fun and learning go hand-in-hand with family vacations so bring on the dinosaurs. The newest folder – Dino trips – includes an array of exceptional experiences from awesome techno dinosaurs at The Natural Science Museum in Greensboro and giant dinosaur puppets at the Los Angeles Museum of Natural History to Dinosaurs Live! at the Brookfield Zoo in Chicago and the enchanting pathways of Dinosaur World in Florida. The Royal Tyrell Museum in Alberta offers topnotch dinosaur experiences and T. rex Discovery Centre in Saskatchewan provides access to an actual dig site. The possibilities for fun and learning are endless.

The top seven spots for a Dino Trip:

Academy of Natural Sciences in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Royal Tyrell Museum in Alberta, Canada

Dinosaur Center in Thermopolis, Wyoming

Dinosaur Journey Museum in Fruita, Colorado

Museum of Natural History in Los Angeles, California

Field Museum in Chicago, Illinois

Smithsonian Museum of Natural History in Washington, DC

A complete menu of places to vacation with dinosaurs may be viewed in Dino Trips featured at For the latest family travel, dino news follow The Family Travel Files on Twitter (@FamTravelFiles) straight from the homepage.

About Founded in 1998, is one of America’s top-rated online family travel resources offering more than 1000 pages of family vacation ideas and trip planning information. The website specializes in family vacation ideas, destination and planning information, family travel advice, and family travel deals. The site features a number of vacation idea folders including Family Adventures, Secret Places, All Inclusive, Beaches, Mountain Tops, Campout, and Family Golf each loaded with great family vacation ideas.

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GBK Honors the 2013 ESPY Awards’ Nominees and Presenters

GBK, the luxury lifestyle gift lounge and special events company, honors the 2013 ESPY Awards’ Nominees and Presenters with their GBK Pre-Awards Lounge. GBK’s exclusive list of invited celebrities, VIPs, and Media will have an opportunity to enjoy a fun-filled day of excellent music, food, poker tournament, charity fundraising and memorable gifts.

GBK (, the luxury lifestyle gift lounge and special events company, honors the 2013 ESPY Awards’ Nominees and Presenters with their GBK Pre-Awards Lounge. GBK’s exclusive list of invited celebrities, VIPs, and Media will have an opportunity to enjoy a fun-filled day of excellent music, food, poker tournament, charity fundraising and memorable gifts.

The 2013 ESPY Awards Nominees and Presenters will be greeted by the sounds of the 10-year-old DJ phenomenon: DJ BABYCHINO, the world’s youngest DJ. Guests will sample delicious food by Ike’s Love & Sandwiches LLC; healthy snacks by Bare Snacks; and Jalisco’s Mobile Taco Grill, The Premier Mobile Taco Grill Company in L.A., O.C. and surrounding areas; and enjoy lovely drinks by Chambord Premium Spirits.

GBK’s blend of entertainment, celebrity marketing and charity fundraising consistently sets new standards for the industry and this event is no different. With the help of participating sponsors and generous celebrity guests, 100% of the poker tournament proceeds will be a charitable donation. Both celebrities and professional poker players will partake in the poker tournament.

This year’s lounge features a variety of youthful, trend-setting products in the sports and athletic apparel categories such as: SKLZ, the industry leader in athletic performance and sports skill development products, gifting The Gold Flex warm-up and The SKLZ Pro Mini Hoop;, gifting a 0 gift card to shop top brands in sports equipment, home court, home gym and game rooms; The Marena Group, gifting Athletics8™, the most comfortable, high-performance athletic compression apparel on the market that will improve performance and reduce soreness; Fruit of the Loom, gifting t-shirts from two of their new lines: the Big & Tall Collection and the BEST collection; and JH Design Group, a leading licensed apparel manufacturer with over 97 licenses including MLB, NBA, NASCAR, Ford, Chevy, Coca Cola, Marvel, DC Comics, and many others, gifting NBA, NASCAR and MLB licensed jackets/hoodies; and Nutrition53, a multifaceted nutrition company founded by Bill Romanowski, gifting Lean1 and Vegan1.

Ever-evolving technology has brought us fantastic sponsors and gifts, including: Negris LeBrum Clothing Co., gifting their beautifully styled wireless MP3 headphones; iLinks, who manufactures and sells smart golf clubs which allow the user to view the flight of their ball on a smart phone app; and MHL, new technology which allows you to work from any location, play mobile games with no lag, and stream TV or movies in HD; and Technogel Sleeping, gifting exclusive memory foam based pillows made with a unique patented gel layer, providing comfort and ergonomic support.

A true highlight of the lounge is Sparkling Hill Resort, a European-inspired wellness resort known as the first resort in the world to incorporate Swarovski crystal elements into every aspect of its design. Guests will receive a Couples Escape in a stunning penthouse suite.

Jewelry and accessories resume their place as a must have at any GBK Lounge. The lounge will feature sponsors such as: Jason of Beverly Hills, known for creating one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces for the Hollywood Elite, gifting 0 gift certificates; Bands for Arms, gifting handmade bracelets made from donated military uniformed from all military branches; Fly Watches, gifting a fun and colorful interchangeable LED watch; and Wild Soul Sunglasses, gifting beautiful Acetate Sunglasses named after untamed wild animals.

Before guests leave for the day, they will stop by Miracle Details, an upper echelon mobile and convenient detail service, to pick up their vehicle, which will have received a V.I.P. car detail valued at 0 – not only a crowd pleaser, but also the perfect touch to this celebratory event.

As always, GBK will feature an array of charitable organizations, including: The Los Angeles Lakers Youth Foundation, which donates money and services on a need based scale to organizations all over the Los Angeles county, and provides disaster relief in California and the United States; and The Model Citizen Fund, which distributes life-sustaining backpacks filled with 150 items that include food, health, and survival essentials to the homeless and disaster victims, giving them the tools and confidence to build/rebuild their lives.

Additional charity beneficiaries include: The Mama Sarah Obama Foundation, a charitable nonprofit organization whose mission is to improve the education and welfare of disenfranchised children in order to help them successfully achieve their goals and have a better future; and The Giving Back Fund (GBF), a nonprofit organization that provides philanthropic consulting, management, administrative services, and program development to individuals and corporations.

For more information about The Los Angeles Lakers Youth Foundation, please visit:

For more information about The Giving Back Fund, please visit:

For more information about The Mama Sarah Obama Foundation, please visit:

For more information about The Model Citizen Fund, please visit:


GBK, formerly GBK Productions, is a luxury lifestyle gifting and special events company, specializing in entertainment marketing integration. Formed in 2000 by Gavin Keilly, the company’s Founder and CEO, GBK consists of five divisions: GBK Celebrity Gifting, GBK Special Events, GBK Weddings, GBK Charitable Consulting and GBK Marketing/Public Relations. Widely known in the entertainment industry for bringing that little extra something into the Gifting Lounge environment, GBK offers its clients a full range of marketing services. For more information on Gavin B. Keilly (CEO), Carla Domen (VP) or GBK, please go to

GBK is not affiliated with, endorsed, or sponsored by ESPN; the ESPY Awards; ABC, Inc.; The Walt Disney Company; or The Hearst Corporation.

Event Hashtag: #GBKpreESPYawards

Twitter & Instagram: @GBK_Productions

For press inquiries, please contact nicole[at]gbkpr[dot]com

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TelcoBridges Hosts the TB Academy Training Seminar Before ITEXPO on August 26, 2013 at the Bali Hai Golf Club in Las Vegas

TelcoBridges’ third training event of 2013 provides partners with a hands on tutorial for the newly released ToolPack 2.7 Software Suite.

TelcoBridges today announced that it is hosting the third TB Academy of 2013 at the Bali Hai Golf Club in Las Vegas, on August 26th from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

Designed for Tier 1 and 2 support staff, sales engineers, and other individuals requiring technical training on Tmedia gateways, the TB Academy provides a hands-on tutorial for the newly released ToolPack 2.7, which is the software suite that expands the capabilities of TelcoBridges’ Tmedia VoIP Gateways & Tdev Telecom Platforms.

TelcoBridges instructors Nicole Tan and Candy Chan, who have led the TB Academy sessions in Europe and Southeast Asia, will take attendees through the latest capabilities of the Tmedia TMG800, TMG3200, and TMG7800 Gateways. They will discuss how to operate and configure the gateways, and they will walk participants through the new features available in ToolPack 2.7, including TB analytics’ test call and live signaling capture, Lawful Intercept capabilities, routing scripts, user authorization, system statistics, Radius AAA, n+1 protection, and the session will conclude with a Tmedia road map for the year ahead.

The TB academy attracts resellers, systems integrators, and service providers from around the globe. In addition to a full day of educational content, lunch and networking breaks are part of the agenda, to provide attendees with the opportunity to meet and exchange business experiences with one another.

“Our partners are key players in the telecom industry and they regularly attend the industry’s most prominent events. As such, we strive to make the TB Academy as valuable and convenient as possible, by hosting training events around the industry’s biggest shows,” said Gaetan Campeau, CEO of TelcoBridges. “Our upcoming event takes place right before ITEXPO. It follows the blueprint of our highly successful events in Europe, at the Mobile World Congress, and in Singapore at CommunicAsia. We’re looking forward to spending time with our partners in Las Vegas at the TB Academy and on the show floor of ITEXPO.”

Additional details on the TB Academy/ToolPack 2.7 Seminar are available by following TelcoBridges on Twitter and Linked In, or by visiting the newsroom section of the newly revamped TelcoBridges Website.

About TelcoBridges:

TelcoBridges is a leader in the design and manufacture of carrier grade, high performance, and high-density VoIP media gateways which bridge the gap between TDM and IP. TelcoBridges accredited partners (consisting of valued-added resellers, system integrators, and solution developers) have deployed VoIP media gateway solutions with remote and onsite installation, as well as personalized 24/7 support in over 70 countries worldwide. TelcoBridges brands include: Tmedia™ (VoIP media gateways), Tdev™ (development platform) and Tmonitor™ (real-time network monitoring equipment). 2012 marked TelcoBridges’ 10-year anniversary. For additional information, please visit:



TelcoBridges Inc

M. McCuaig, Director of Marketing & Communications

Tel.: 450-655-8993 x. 169, mmccuaig(at)telcobridges(dot)com

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